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100 Club

The 100 club is open to all members and their families and friends.  It is based on a monthly draw .  A membership 'ticket' costs £5 per month (or £60 per annum).  Members may chose to have as many 'tickets' as they wish.  The prize money is 50% of the monthly takings and 3 prizes are awarded each month as follows:

                                       1st Prize   =  50% of the monthly prize fund

                                       2nd Prize =  30%

                                       3rd Prize  =  20%

The results of the October 2023 Draw were:

                1st Prize    -  Terry Rensham     - £80

                2nd Prize  -  K Denny             — £48.

                3rd prize  -  V Robinson         — £32

Congratulations to all the winners.  If you would like to join the 100 Club and have a chance to become one of our winners in future please contact the draw organiser, Barbara Adams, (01234 721060) 

The full Rules for the 100 Club, a list of members and a list of past winners can be found below.

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