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The 'Rink Bookings' buttons below, open a copy of the up to date schedule of Rink Bookings for either the current Indoor  or Outdoor seasons. These are view only. If you wish to book a Rink you will need to follow the link to the Diary which has been sent to all members. 






If you have lost the link please email  _-_______________________________________________________________________________________________

                                              Instructions for use


The link to the Rink Booking Diary has been shared with all members, including those who do not have a Google Account or use a gmail address.  There is no need to open an account, you will still be able to make changes to the Diary – i.e. book a rink.


How to Book a Rink


Once you have opened the diary (click on the link you have been sent – you will need to ‘save/keep’ this for future use) choose a Date and then select a Time and Rink. (Please do not click on the +sign in the bottom left of the screen as this adds a new sheet and has nothing to do with booking a rink)  Click on the appropriate cell (box) and follow the instructions below:


  1. Please show the reason for the booking – choose from the following
    a. National Competition
    b. County Competition
    c. Club Competition
    d. Roll up


  2. Once you have entered this information you have finished - there is no need to ‘save’ the changes – this will happen automatically.

  3. If on the day you are unable to play, please delete your names and enter the reason – e.g. Rain or illness.

Order of Precedence


If your first choice of date/time/rink has already been booked and you can’t or don’t want to select another date then you must contact the member named in the booking and discuss the possibility of change. (Telephone numbers for all members are shown in the Club Book on the Bar or in the Members Area of the website) The following will always have precedence if alternative dates etc. cannot be agreed:


  1. National Competitions

  2. County Competitions

  3. Club Competitions

If a compromise cannot be achieved, please contact either the Diary Manager or the Competition Secretary (John Osborn – 01234 720547) who will arbitrate. Their decision is final.


Members without internet access


Those members who don’t have access to the internet should either choose a fellow member who does have access and ask them to make the booking for them OR contact a member of the Committee who will assist likewise



Tim Coles

Diary Manager (01234 721182)                                                              1st October 2023


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