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Our membership is wide-ranging and far-reaching, with members made up from as far a field as Buckinghamshire to as close as the mere throw of a jack away from the club! Our membership ranges in age from our youngest member at 14 years of age, through to our most senior members in their mid to late 80’s and beyond!


Membership fees can be kept as low as they are due to the fact that all aspects of running the club (from green-keeping through to running the bar) are voluntarily undertaken by members.


Check out the New Bowlers Guide which has been prepared by the Club Coaches.


 ​Membership Rates Are As Follows:


Indoor Season (Oct-April) - £50/Season - [£2.50/Rink Session]


Outdoor Season (May-September) - £45/Season [£1 Rink Fee]


Social Membership - £10 per annum


Locker Hire: £3 per annum


For membership enquiries please contact Val Coles on: (01234) 721182 -  Or call the Club directly on: (01234) 720984


If you are not currently a bowler you may find the information below of some interest as it explains what being a member of a Bowls Club is all about.  The New Bowlers Guide is specifically about Bridgman Bowls Club .  Enjoy!

                           Click the envelope to read an inspiring interview with Club Member John Hollowell

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